Are you prepared to face all this to be rich?


 I was talking to my friend, John, the other day. John has made quite a lot of money in the past couple of years as an affiliate for my business, MOBE.

He even had a 7-figure year!

And, he’s noticed something now that he’s doing well financially. Something that bothers him…

Some of John’s friends and family are not as friendly with him and his wife as they used to be.

They don’t get invited to the same parties any more.

Their friends don’t pop in and hang out as much.

They’ve had to make a whole new set of friends.

John was telling me about this, shaking his head, and muttering, “You’d think they’d be happy for us. If they were really our friends.”

Last time I told you that the amount of money you’re willing to invest in your business is a key predictor of your future success.

Well, almost as important is whether you have the confidence and courage of your convictions once you’ve decided to pursue your dreams.

Here’s what will happen. I’m going to give it to you straight…

BEFORE you start, your friends and family will question you, they’ll wonder if it’s a scam, they’ll doubt and moan, they’ll tell you all about people they know who started a home-based business and failed.

AS YOU'RE BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS, they’ll say “I told you so” at every misstep, they’ll downplay every victory as a “fluke”, they’ll tell you to go back and “get a real job”, they’ll tell you to be “satisfied with what you have”, they’ll ask you “who do you think you are?”

AND AFTER YOU’VE ACHIEVED SUCCESS, they’ll snub you, they’ll whisper that you “cheated” to get where you are, they’ll call you a “show off” just for buying nice things and enjoying your life. And they may even leave your life completely.

Now, not everyone’s family and friends will react this way. Some are blessed with wonderful people in their lives.

But, success has a strange effect on people.

Most people feel threatened by it.

Rather than admit to themselves that they have failed, they will try to pull down those who have succeeded.

Can you handle that?

 Every successful person has to survive this gauntlet of envy and jealousy.

Can you?

It’s a question you must ask yourself before starting your home-based business and really going after the lifestyle of your dreams.

I hope you are.
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To your success

Matt Lloyd

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